Registration Fees & Information


Our organizers have worked tirelessly on planning this event and we know it’s going to be a one-of-a-kind occasion. We want you to have the best time at our event, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or special requests.


Registration Fees & What is included



  • 5k - Run/Walk Pet Friendly

    • Adult - $30   U/16 $15   U/9 Free*

    • Owners run with their dogs on A SHORT NON RETRACTABLE lead.

    • ** Please ensure you read the RSPCA Animal Welfare Requirements** (Below)

  • 5k Run/Walk - runners/walkers only (NO PETS)

    • Adult - $30   U/16 $15   U/9 Free*

  • 10k Run/Walk - runners only (NO PETS)

    • Adult - $35   U/16 $20   U/9 Free*

  • 50m Doggy Dash

  • Single Entry $10

    • Owners run with their dogs on a 1m lead.


  • 5k - Cancer survivor/supporter Run/Walk Pet Friendly

    • Adult - $35   U/16 $20   U/9 Free*

    • Owners run with their dogs on lead.

  • 5k Run/Walk - runners/walkers only

    • Adult - $35   U/16 $10   U/9 Free*

  • 10k Run/Walk - runners only (NO PETS)

    • Adult - $40   U/16 $25   U/9 Free*

  • 50m Doggy Dash

  • Single Entry $15

    • Owners run with their dogs on a 1m lead.

         U/9 Free* - Gold coin donation would be appreciated. This is so you can bring your children and entire family along, no bib will be provided and must be under supervision.


Registration Packs

  • Registration numbers can be mailed out for those that register a month prior to the event. Additional fee $3.00

  • Registration numbers can be picked up from the registration marquee on the race day morning from 08:30am-09:15am.








What you get

  • Bib Number and Timing Responder with full electronic timing and results.

  • Trophies are awarded to place getters for each Male & Female in the 5k & 10k events

    • The Pet friendly event place getters, MUST have a dog complete the entire event and cross the line together, in order to be awarded 1st 2nd or 3rd place

    • Doggy Dash FINALISTS - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - awarded a dog sash

  • All Inclusive Price.

    • We do not add any additional fees for Online Registration Processing.


Stickers Available when you register.

Limited available

Bottles Not included

Refund Policy

Race Cancellation

  • Kodis Paw-a-thon will make every effort to ensure all scheduled events go ahead as advertised. We look forward to them as much as you do!

  • However, there are several conditions that may require an event to be postponed or cancelled, for example, lockdown, inclement weather, bushfires or dangerous track conditions. These are outside the control of Kodis Paw-a-thon.

  • If the event is Postponed due to lockdown, weather or another unforeseeable or unplanned act, we will automatically transfer your entry to the new event date.

  • If an event is Cancelled due to an unsuitable postponement date, you will be entitled to a credit for an event valid for up to 12 months.

  • Authorities such as Parks Vic and local councils, may also instruct Kodis Paw-a-thon to cancel an event.

  • If an event cannot go ahead as scheduled, we will endeavour to postpone the event to an alternate date.

  • Registration Fees are Non-Refundable - please contact us, if there is an issue, and we can work something out

  • You may transfer your registration to another event, if you let us know at least 7 days prior to the race day.

  • If you wish another person to race in place of you, please contact us immediately due to health and safety requirements.


  • Ensure the safe and secure transportation of animals to the event. 

  • Ensure that the animal/s vaccinations are up to date and evidence of this be available if requested.

  • Ensure that appropriate collars and IDs are worn by animals.

  • Ensure humane care and treatment of any animals under their direct supervision and control.

  • Ensure the animal/s is not worked beyond its level of fitness, nutrition, health and soundness.

  • Ensure no animal/s will work in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. When weather conditions are deemed appropriate for the type/condition of animal/s, adequate shade, water, food and rest periods are to be provided.