Event Schedule

Running Race

Event Schedule

8:30 - 8:50am: Race Bib Pick Up

9:05am: Race Safety Briefing for all entrants

9:08am: 30sec silence - To honour cancer survivors, victims & their carers


9:10am: 10Km RUN​  & 5km RUN/WALKERS Start. 

​9:20am: 3km inc Canine RUN/ WALKERS Start.

9:15am - 10:20am: Race Day Registrations for Doggie Dash.

10:30am:  Presentations Begin. (approx).


10:45am: Doggie Dash Heats begin.

11:15am: Doggie Dash Semi-Final.

11:30am: Doggie Dash Final.

11:40pm: Presentation Doggie Dash Champion.


* Doggie Dash times & presentation times may vary depending on the number of entrants and finish times*


30sec Silence

At the race briefing prior to the 10k start, in memory of those who;

  1. Have lost their battle to cancer.

  2. Are currently undergoing treatment.

  3. Are a Cancer Survivor/Supporter. 

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