COVID-safe Plan

Kodi's Paw-a-thon will be delivered in a modified format to ensure they are in accordance with both the Victorian and ACT's Government’s guidelines.


Kodi's Paw-a-thon priority is to protect the safety and wellbeing of all event participants, staff, volunteers and the broader community. 


All changes and procedures that will take place at Kodi's Paw-a-thon, will follow a COVID-safe plan that will reflect the government requirements in place at the time in order to ensure we deliver a safe event.

Race Bibs

Will need to be collected on the day - to know who has attended.

Entries are capped

Numbers will be capped based on the Victorian Government guidelines in place at the time of the event.

Group Gatherings

To avoid group gatherings, there will be spacing in the event area between marquees and markings to help with social distancing


Signage will be used around the event site as constant reminders to all attendees to adhere to the COVID guidelines

Hand Sanitiser 

Hand sanitiswer stations will be available for all staff, volunteers & participants to use.


All participants will be encouraged to bring their own water (bottle, hydration pack etc) if possible. 

We will be employing a low risk strategy to ensure participants can still get their hydration on the course.

Drink stations will be run with voluneteers to distribute the water.

Dog water bowls will be placed around the course.


Additional cleaning will take place in hygiene areas, such as bathrooms and at drink stations.


As per usual, gloves will be used & hand sanitiser will be used throughout the event. Volunteers/staff will be required to wear masks

Owners of dogs are to have poo bags and clean up any dog mess.


Distancing of 1 person per 4m2 and 1.5m apart will be adhered to at all times.


This includes at on-site registrations, toilets, start lines and general standing areas.


Ground markings will be used to assist.

COVID Information

  • Practice good hand hygiene including sanitizing after each touchpoint

  • Practice good cough/sneeze behaviour by doing so into your elbow

  • Minimise touchpoints

  • Stay at home if unwell, or identify yourself as a contact of someone who has been unwell and who is being tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

  • Seek assistance if you become unwell during the event (notify the COVID Safe marshal or first aid health workers).

  • Familiarise yourself with the location of first aid posts.

  • Adhere to all public health measures that are in place at the event, including where you may be required to wear masks (consistent with your local Chief Health Officer Directions).

  • Download the Commonwealth Government COVIDSafe app prior to attending the event.

  • Not attending the event if:

    1. You have been in close contact with a person who is diagnosed coronavirus (COVID-19) positive

    2. You are positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)

    3. You have travelled overseas in the previous 14 days

    4.  A public health order determines you must not attend for example a stay at home order has been issued.


Contact tracing information must be recorded for every person who attends the location which includes but is not limited to staff, attendees, volunteers, and vendors, etc. This information will be kept for a period of 56 days.

These procedures are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.